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General terms of use

  1. The doctors answering the consultations on our website are registered Kenyan doctors with the medical board.
  2. Every eligible person accessing our web site and registering as a member is 18 years of age and above and can enter into a legally binding contract, and who are not barred by any law for the time being in force.
  3. Your registration as a member constitute acceptance of these terms of use/terms and conditions/agreement including the PRIVACY POLICY further, member agrees that the information furnished by you/him/her/others in the registration form is accurate, true and complete and the information will be maintained and updated during the subsistence of this agreement, so that it will remain true, accurate, current and complete.
  4. The advice/opinion of kenyandoctor.com will not provide an adequate solution to member’s question for illness.Kenyandoctor.com will not be liable for any physical, mental, monetary or other damages/loss sustained due to use of our site and due to reliance by member on such advice/opinion/information.
  5. The contents/opinion/advice is not substitute for professional personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or personal/physical examination of the member by a physician/doctor. The advice/opinion given provided by a doctor is for informational purposes only. Members should not rely solely on advice/opinion given provided by kenyandoctor.com.
  6. Member should not disregard any professional/medical advice given during his/her/their personal physical examination by member’s physician/doctor, nor should the member delay such personal physical examination on reliance of any opinion/content provided on or through kenyandoctor.com. Acting on reliance of any information/content/opinion provided at kenyandoctor.com is solely at member’s own risk and consequences.
  7. The member understands and agrees that any opinions of the doctors and others (nutritionists) on the Site are solely their opinions and not that of kenyandoctor.com. Therefore kenyandoctor.com does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, reliability, dependability of the contents opinion on the site. We however guarantee the doctors answering the consultations on our website are registered Kenyan doctors with the medical board.
  8. Kenyandoctor.com does not assume any responsibility, liability for damage or injury to User/Member arising from the use of any content/information, advice/opinion given on its web site. Member hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless kenyandoctor.com, its affiliates/group companies, its directors, officers, employees, agents, successors, advisors, consultants from any and all causes of action and claim of any nature resulting from the act or omission of kenyandoctor.com Accessed through/on the site
  9. The use of kenyandoctor.com site and the content is at member’s sole risk and consequence. In no event shall kenyandoctor.com be liable for any damages, over personal injury/wrongful death, sufferings, loss of profits or damages resulting from use of data or inability to use kenyandoctor.com site or the content .
  10. While using kenyandoctor.com, member should not post, transmit any content, details, data, information, material, which is in violation of local, state, national, international laws; which is unlawful, threatening, harassing, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, hateful, racist, promotes violence, ethnically harmful or otherwise objectionable, as also determined by kenyandoctor.com at its sole discretion; or which infringes on the intellectual property rights of others

Prescriptions given by our doctors on the site:

  1. Members understand that the proposed prescriptions given on the site may involve risks and possibilities of complications and that certain complications or side effects have been known to occur in patients who take prescribed treatments even when the utmost care, judgment, and skill are used.
  2. Members acknowledge that no guarantees have been made to them as to the results or are there any guarantees against favorable results, risks, or complications
  3. Members understand that no doctor, nurse, or administrative personnel can guarantee that beneficial treatments, even if prescribed, will provide the results they seek. Further, they understand that even if prescribed, they may suffer adverse effects from treatments.
  4. Members hereby release kenyandoctor.com and all of its employees and contractors including physicians and pharmacists from any and all liability whatsoever associated with any adverse effects, medical events or outcomes relating to use of medications prescribed the site.
  5. Members understand that it is their responsibility to furnish kenyandoctor.com with complete and accurate medical history and follow up thereafter with any changes to it which occurs at a subsequent time.
  6. Members fully understand that it is their responsibility to have an annual physical examination, including any suggested laboratory tests, to ensure that they do not have any disease that might be incompatible with their self-described condition.
  7. Members further agree to immediately notify any doctor whose present care they are under that they have chosen to take a prescription prescribed by kenyandoctor.com so that they may advise to continue or discontinue use and Should they engage a new doctor’s care in the future, they further agree to immediately notify the said doctor of their use of treatments prescribed by kenyandoctor.com.
  8. Members also agree whilst taking a prescription from kenyandoctor.com, they have no other providers or prescriptions currently active and if they do they will notify kenyandoctor.com site on the medical information form.
  9. Kenyandoctor.com will not prescribe controlled substances and/or narcotics nor will we treat ongoing chronic medical conditions that warrant a face-to-face visit with an office based, hospital based or urgent care based physician or specialist.

Third parties and security

  1. Kenyandoctor.com may provide links to third party web sites or external websites/internal servers or resources including advertisements by others. Kenyandoctor.com has no control over such sites and the information provided in them.Although we are selective about the organizations we link to, we don’t assume any responsibility for any Websites that are linked to our site or that you browse to after following a link from our site. Any dealing/use by a member with this external or third party website including advertising is between the member and those websites/advertisers and is solely at the risk of the member.
  2. The member should not distribute viruses or other harmful code and will not interfere with or disrupt the kenyandoctor.com servers or networks connected to the site.
  3. kenyandoctor.com functions/services depend on various factors such as software, hardware and communication networks etc., kenyandoctor.com does not guarantee that kenyandoctor.com services will be continuous, uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free and kenyandoctor.com is not responsible and liable for all that and for the failure of the internet or any data or telecommunication equipment, system or network used in connection with the site or the products.
  4. When using the kenyandoctor.com Site, information will be transmitted over a medium which, in many cases, is beyond the control and jurisdiction of kenyandoctor.com and its suppliers. Accordingly, kenyandoctor.com assumes no liability for or relating to the delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with use of the kenyandoctor.com Site. The kenyandoctor.com Site and the content are provided on an “as is” basis

Online consulting is not intended to be used to:

  • Treat a medical emergency
    • Treat an acute medical condition
    • Issue medication by prescription for certain dangerous medical conditions.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction:

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the sovereign republic of Kenya and the courts of Kenya shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters and disputes arising out of and relating to the site. In the event that any provision of this agreement is determined to be unlawful, then you understand and accept that that provision shall be severable from this agreement without affecting the enforceability of all remaining provisions.

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The parties shall attempt to settle any dispute arising from and/or in connection with this agreement by way of negotiation. If the dispute is not so resolved within 90 days, it shall be referred to and finally resolved by courts of Kenya.

Kenyandoctor.com in its absolute discretion may block or deny access to any member who is in violation of any of the terms of this agreement.

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management.